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Heavy Load Bridge Crossing Highway B533

Strut frame bridge in Schwarzach/Hengersberg


This strut frame bridge has an impressive capacity – it is designed for heavy load traffic. However, the bridge is very slender. This especially is the result of the strut frame. The strut reduces the spans efficiently without extending into the clearance profile of the federal highway beneath. The structure is manufactured as a blocklamination of the beam grillage to the horizontal cross-lam slab. The cross laminated timber slab is purpose-built.
The installation was a precision job. The struts were installed the first day and the main beam was deliverd the next morning. The connection to the struts and to the abutments had very little tolerances. The high quality of a precise pre-fabrication assured a smoothy installation

Public construction authority Passau

Year of construction

Concept and design
Prof. Dr. Ing. Pravida

Length: 28,90 (8,20 / 11,50/ 8,20 m)
Width: 5,00 m

Block laminated timber construction with mastic asphalt surface and steel railings. Beam grillage block laminated to the horizontal cross laminated timber slab.

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Other views of the bridge