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Block girder bridge in timber construction for vehicles up to 12 tonnes

Replacement of a service road bridge in Schkeuditz


The new replacement structure that was built lies within a designated Natura 2000 area and is thus subject to the guidelines of one of the most important transnational protection instruments in Europe with regard to the protection and networking of habitats.
It was therefore important for the design of the bridge to be both ecologically minimally invasive as well as economically sensible and low-maintenance: the superstructure consists of two solid block-glued beams made of spruce wood with a coupling made of steel, which were completely prefabricated in the factory, which shortens the assembly time and the intervention in the fauna-flora habitat as much as possible. Approximately 70 tonnes of CO2 are stored in this supporting structure.
The plywood panels mounted on the upper side according to DIN EN 636-2/S are structurally protected by an asphalt surface that fulfils further requirements of bridge class 12 according to DIN 1072, i.e. for access by service and rescue vehicles, small agricultural equipment and vehicles up to 12 tonnes. The steel railing with handrail made of Accoya also guarantees a reduction in maintenance effort and thus in encroachments into the conservation area due to its long service life.
Another aspect of constructive wood protection can be seen in the lateral cladding of the beams, which serves to keep weathering away from load-bearing components.

Year of construction

Stadtverwaltung Schkeuditz

Böger + Jäckle & Partner, Leipzig

Length: 24,00 m

Width: 3,00 m

Holztragwerk aus blockverklebten Brettschichtholz mit seitlicher Verkleidung, Belag aus Gussasphalt, Füllstabgeländer aus Stahl mit Handlauf aus Accoya                     

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