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Pedestrian Bridge Across the Lauchert River

Trussed Beam in Sigmaringendorf


The suspended girder bridge is characterized by an efficient and delicate structure. The dark coated steel parts are holding back visually, whereby the lean, cladded timber carrier is emphasized. The warm color of the wood blends harmoniously into the landscape, emphasizing the materiality of the sustainable material.

The coating of mastic asphalt provides a uniform and lasting walkway, a lateral overhang also protects the wooden structure beneath. The railing with horizontal stainless steel cables is very transparent and the handrail made of acetylated wood lets you experience the material on the bridge.

Municipality of Sigmaringendorf

Year of construction

Kovacic Ingenieure

Length: 26,62 m
Width: 2,60 m

Trussed beam with main girders made of glulam, mastic asphalt decking on ventilated plywood panel, steel railings with horizontal stainless steel cables and Accoya handrail

Our services
Engineering, detailed calculation, structural planning – Service phase 5 and 6 according to German HOAI

Other views of the bridge