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Competition for the development of Petersberg in Erfurt

Bastion Top Trail Petersberg


The bastion top trail is supposed to better open up the bastions of Gabriel, Martin and Killian for the BUGA 2021. The Bastion Martin, which is seperated from the others by the Lauentorstreet is to be connected by bridge structures with the other two bastions and the, in area of Bastion Gabriel located “Protected Landscape Part” (GLB), is to be developed by a treetop path.

The concept of the competition entry foresees a creative separation between bridge structures and treetop path. Within the forest, a wooden plank decking is to be arranged above a glued laminated timber girder curved in the floor plan. The treetop path spans 8-12 m between X-shaped steel columns that are set up for minimal invasive engagement in the GLB using screw foundations. The railing is executed with wooden handrail and stainless steel meshs as a railing filling.

The bridge structures outside the forest are executed with a dense granite surface, which receives as a reduntante seal below the permanently elastic sealed joints, titanium zinc sheet metal gutters. These ensure in case of failure of the joints, for the discharge of the accumulating rainwater from the timber beam away. The railing is also executed with a wooden handrail, but with stainless steel meshs, to pick up here also the creative separation of the two building sections.

Contracting Authority
City council Erfurt

Length: 74 m Bridgebuildings, 340 m Tree Top Trail
Width: 3,00 m

Knöss Architekten

Bridge structures and treetop path consist of block glued laminated timber in different shapes. Bridge structures with granite decking and balustrade filling with stainless steel cables. Treetop path with wood decking and railing filling made of stainless steel meshs.

Our service
Coordination of the competition contribution, consulting in timber construction, cost estimation

Other views of the bridge