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Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge over the Lahn

Variation Study Cable-Stayed Bridge Weilburg


The connection of the Ahäuser path to the station is currently made by a pedestrian bridge, which is attached to the side of a railway bridge. With a usable width of approx. 1.30 m, the bridge no longer meets the requirements of a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists and is also in need of renovation. Since this is an important route for pedestrians – especially as a school path – and cyclists, a new bridge construction is necessary. For the course of the new bridge different possibilities were examined, whereby the ownership conditions of the adjoining properties must be particularly considered. The support span of more than 70.0 m and the local conditions can only be spanned  with constructions where the main support is arranged above the roadway. Possible solutions include bar arch bridges, truss bridges or pylon constructions. Considering the bridge corridors, cable-stayed or suspension bridges with pylons are most suitable. The construction of the road cross section is based on the use of the ecological and sustainable building material wood. The structure is designed as a protected wooden bridge in accordance with DIN EN 1995-2, in order to guarantee an equivalency durability of the materials steel and concrete. In the case of the proposed load-bearing structures, a single or two-piece main beam made of block-glued glulam timber is recommended as a pavement carrier.

City of Weilburg

Year of the study

Length: 70 – 120 m
Width: 2,50 – 3,50 m

The study carried out a detailed study of a cable-stayed and a suspension bridge variant. The main beams, made of block-glued spruce glulam, are covered with natural stone slabs or precast concrete elements for the weather-protection. Lateral paneling with larch wood, steel filled railing with  an Accoya handrail.

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Variation study, design planning – Service phases 1 and 2 according to German HOAI

Other views of the bridge